MAHEY Brewery

Graphic Design June 21, 2021

Exploring 3D product design

Fictitious Branding Concept


– Custom Illustration
– Infinite Topographic Map
– Location Dependent Subject
– 3D Rendering

The fictitious drink “MAHEY” is derived from the Maah Daah Hey Trail in western North Dakota. Each render depicts a shared bison illustration, and an infinite topographic map.

Flavors gain their name from a location found on the Maah Daah Hey Trail along with the geo-location fingerprint label.

Renders are staged with unique lighting and model placement to highlight specific features in the product design.


The use of 3D renderings has become far more accessible to businesses looking to enhance their visual presence! Compared to the initial production of product designs that had potentially days waisted on physical examples. Modern methods are presented in a matter of hours after clients draft approval!

Exploring deeper into 3D production is a must for those who advertise via digital or physical media. If you have interest in exploring how your business could profit from 3D production.