Spring Geese

Wildlife June 7, 2020

The next generation

As we watch the sky, large “V” shape patterns start to build. The land and water begin to fill with the sound of geese. A new generation begins in North Dakota. Like the many years before, we welcome our new generation of geese! The gaggle that have swarmed the skies during the spring migration have nested and little yellow bodies begin to follow behind.

I sit as the family of geese thrive throughout the day. The babies play, sleep and eat almost like a litter of puppies, but always keeping a eye on their mother. My presence is unmoving to the family this day as they go about their routine. The grass is green, flowers bloom and the water glistens. Their little bodies covered in a soft feather glows in the light. The mothers eyes large and glassy kept careful watch over her babes. Without a sound a mother goose calls back her gaggle of gooselings with a simple nod. The little fluffy-balls scurry to her webbed feet and continue on their way.