Tamanawas Falls

Adventure September 12, 2019

Exploration at its finest

We journey from my sisters home with soft rain falling on the city. Through the toll bridge we make our way into the forest of Mt. Hood. The roads were mostly silent and the parking lot was empty. I began to pack, however in my excitement to try out some new gear I would soon realize my mistakes. Quickly shedding my extra layers from the hot wet air, we begin again with a refreshed mindset.

The views on the trail were stunning. Babbling water, rooted paths and small clearings for those looking to picnic. We make our way deeper into the forest reaching the fork in the trail. A wooden sign points the way. My sister hints that we are almost there. We bend the hillside to our first view of the waterfall, the view is stunning!

The waterfall towered over us and the mist filled the air. We both took turns climbing the giant rocks, getting splashed by the falling water caught in the wind. The space was all ours and we soaked in the scenery as best we could. Sadly we needed to make our way back, so we took our photo with the waterfall and returned to begin a new adventure.